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  • Appeal for COVID-19.This being one of the most trying times, let us together, once again, rise to help the Nation in need.For reading complete msg visit davcmc.net.in
Principal’s Message  

My primary motivation as a head is to inculcate a thirst for knowledge, devotion to duty, honesty and patriotic flavor besides humanism. My heart always pumps for the cultivation of good character, development of 
the life long skills, patriotism and the building of good citizens.

Children are
 future of our nation. Education is only the surest safeguard to nation's future and teachers are the guardians of our children's future. The mission of the school is not merely to complete the national curriculum and train children to jump through the loops of high stakes National Examination. Our task is for nobler. As a teacher, it is our moral responsibility to safeguard the hope and aspiration of our students, so that they can fulfill the potential in their life.

"Be Kind, Be safe and Do your Best."


M. K Jha
DAV, Khabra
Muzaffarpur (Bihar)